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This November 16, 2019, marked 30 years since the murder of six Jesuit priests and two women in El Salvador. This day was significant for SOAW´s founder, Roy Bourgeois, because it led him, along with thousands of activists, to fight to close the School of the Americas and end US interventionism which has only caused suffering, violence, and poverty in Latin America.

We remember that of the 25 soldiers who participated in the Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas (UCA) massacre, 19 trained and graduated from the School of the Americas in the US.

Though the names of the School of the Americas graduates of the last two decades are kept secret, in Latin America we keep discovering new cases of human rights abuses that implicate police and military officers in the repression of social movement activists demanding social justice.

More recently, in Haiti, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, and Chile, to name a few, we’ve witnessed the military and the police violently repressing social protest. Also, on the USMexico border, we’ve witnessed how the Border Patrol murders immigrants with complete impunity.

In short, the US’s logic of “fighting the enemy” is upheld by SOA/WHINSEC and other military and police schools, which intend to neutralize social movements that fight for social and economic rights through violence, murder, and torture.

On this 30 year anniversary of the UCA massacre, we reaffirm our commitment to continue to challenge the “economic oppression” imposed by the US, or neoliberalism, and to continue fighting for an end to military, economic, and political interventionism that the US continues to impose upon our peoples.

At the close of this issue, sadly, we must recognize the coup d’etat in Bolivia against President Evo Morales. Williams Kaliman, the Commander in Chief of the Military of Bolivia, graduate of the School of the Americas, asked for Evo Morales’s resignation in the context of an operation to usurp the legitimate power of Morales by force.

According to the outlet The Grayzone, “The United States played a key and direct role in the military coup in Bolivia.”




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