By Adolfo Pérez Esquivel (*)

There are just causes.

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

It is necessary to make a calm analysis on those responsible for the war between Ukraine and Russia and the silence and refusal to find a diplomatic solution to avoid war on the part of the US and the EU.

NATO in its policy together with the USA seeks to expand its control and world domination and to subject many peoples to its military, political and economic interests. The war has many faces, from the psychological, propaganda, and economic action that the US and the EU impose on Russia, blockade of their products and exports, sanctions on bank assets, on Russian businessmen, seek all ways to damage the Russian economy. They intervene in the war indirectly by sending arms and supporting Ukraine, a pro-nazi government that for eight years attacked  and persecuted the people of Donbas, the separatist provinces.

The big hegemonic media keep complicit silence about the NATO and US massacres in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and the military bases along the bordering countries in Russia’s frontiers, endangering the security of the country. The psychological warfare of the mass media  imposes its nefarious propaganda adding fuel to the conflict, propagating lies and misinformation of the facts. They keep silent and hide the truth about the war, they seek to demonize Russia.

Tensioning the situation and the intervention of NATO and the US in a confrontation with Russia would provoke World War III, which would affect the whole world in a nuclear holocaust.

It is urgent to find a negotiated solution before it is too late. Sending weapons to Ukraine and fighters, applying sanctions and condemnations to Russia is pretending to put out a fire with fuel.

Sanctions against Russia affect the world economy and the situation of many countries that need Russia; it is a boomerang for the countries that impose them.

China’s position should be highlighted as it calmly observes the events and the consequences of the war and the advance of NATO and the USA and acts as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine to put an end  to the armed conflict. 

It is urgent to think of a new world order with equity and not under capitalist imposition and degradation that generates more poverty and inequalities. Many times we have been raising the urgency of a New Social Contract. The United Nations needs a profound reform and the democratization of the Security Council. The preamble  of the United Nations proclaims: “We the Peoples of the World”

Today, unfortunately, the peoples of the world are absent in the decisions and paths that the world must follow, of peace, solidarity, the fight against hunger, poverty, climate, more than climate change, humanity needs a change of system, social, political, and economic, seeking  diversity in unity and ending the monopoly in force of few hands and the arms industry, reversing the production for life and development of peoples and not instruments of death. 

The peoples suffer the violence of war, we cannot forget the thousands of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. Russia and the Ukrainian government must protect the humanitarian corridors to save lives and for refugees to have basic care and security for their lives and families.

Humanity is going through times of great uncertainty and suffering that have claimed thousands of lives in various parts of the world. The Covid-19 pandemic does not affect everyone equally, it is always the poor who are most affected. Armed conflicts are on the rise and hunger is the silent war  that claims thousands of lives every day.

There are positive social forces in the world that demand PEACE, that want a New World Order, free of domination, cultural, social, political, and religious organizations that work for the construction of a more just and fraternal world. They demand a Peace based on human relations, unity in diversity, and the right of individuals and peoples to their freedom.

Faith moves mountains.

(*) Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

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