In your hands is the first English edition of the magazine El Derecho de Vivir en Paz (The Right to Live in Peace) which was made in Chile with the contribution of various organizations and individual collaborators working in solidarity.

Download PDF: Magazine: The Right to Live in Peace

In this magazine you will find articles about human rights and current events. Specifically, many articles reveal the ongoing struggles of Latin American organizations fighting for justice for their family members who were killed under state terrorism.

Additionally, these articules reveal the need for historical memory, the importance of the call to “never forget,” and the courage of so many women throughout Latin America demanding justice for their murdered or disappeared relatives.

This magazine also shares information on the migrant solidarity movement and the protest at the US-Mexico border wall. First, we reject the repression and  criminalization that migrants endure. We also demonstrate that economic, security, and US military policies have led to the forced displacement of people fleeing to save their families from poverty or violence.

Also in this magazine, you will find articles on militarization and transnational struggles to create a more secure and peaceful world. As Chilean musician and leftist Víctor Jara, (who was murdered by School of the Americas graduates), once bravely sung: we all have “the right to live in peace.”


Chile: Commemorating the Fallen and Demanding Justice
No to military training in the US and Colombia
The Origins of Horror: The Disgraceful Indoctrination of Chilean Soldiers at the School of the Americas in the U.S.
Camilo Catrillanca is Not the Only One: the Mapuches Killed Under Democracy
Adriana Portillo-Bartow: “For us, forgetting is forbidden”
Former soldier condemned for Dos Erres massacre in Guatemala
Argentines protest against the US military base in Argentina
No to US Coup d’état in Venezuela; Yes to Sovereignty of the People
SOAWatch Activists protested at the Border Wall in the United States
US continues to back repressive regime in Honduras
Letter in Defense of Peace
International Campaign against US Military Bases and NATO
World Council for Peace gathers in Syria
A “more dangerous” world if the US abandons the nuclear treaty
US: Anti-nuclear activists await trial
Cosmic Coliseum: Trump and his Space gladiators
US Militarization: Laboratories with Bacteriological Weapons
In Depth Analysis of the Conflict in Syria
Call for Action on NATO Summit 2019
Training Report in SOA / WHINSEC 2018

Download PDF: Magazine: The Right to Live in Peace


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