The sixth International Seminar for Peace and for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases was held in Guantanamo, Cuba, from May 4 – 6, 2019. The seminar had 90 foreign participants from 35 countries, including leaders from the World Peace Council (WPC), peace activists, pacifists, and friends in solidarity with Cuba.

The event was developed within the context of a complex international situation characterized by increasing imperialist aggression and interventionism from the United States, European Union, and NATO in their efforts to impose their hegemonic decrees at the cost of freedom, independence, and sovereignty of the peoples of the world.

The United States continues to be the nation with the highest number of military bases across the globe and, with its NATO allies, has the largest nuclear arsenal and most conventional military forces in the history of mankind.

Imperialism continues to spark wars and warlike conflicts throughout the world, while fostering controversy, tensions, genocidal blockades, and “sanctions diplomacy” against countries that are considered enemies like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and in Latin America, against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba.

From that perspective, and in line with the agreements established at the Regional Meeting of the World Peace Council, the seminar’s participants reaffirm their unwavering support at the Global Campaign against US and NATO foreign military bases. They pledged to hold more actions in recognition of February 23, the date that the US established its first military base in Cuba, declared the “Global Day against Foreign Military Bases.”

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