Elsa Bruzzone, a history professor and secretary of the Military Center for Democracy in Argentina, affirms that the Emergency Operations Center, a US military facility, is a “covert base.” Located in Neuquén, the facility has a view of the region’s rivers. Bruzzone specializes in geopolitics, strategy, and national defense.

“Without a doubt, the Neuquén facility is a covert military base; I know all of them: the bases in the Amazonian region, in Peru, also disguised as humanitarian aid, or the facility in Concón in Chile, disguised as a peacekeeper training center,” said Bruzzone.

The professor noted that the objectives of these “disguised” humanitarian donation facilities of the US Southern Command are specified in US Defense documents and are the basis of the creation of the Southern Command, particularly in regions of specific interest to the US for their natural, energy, and mineral resources.

Also, according to Bruzzone, all US military bases “ will eventually have a runway of two or three kilometers to evade the controls of the National Congress, and disguise them as donations.”

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